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So what else can we say about the instamatics that you haven't read in a thousand other band bios? Well for one thing, Nick smiles a lot, Max is always on time and Joshua boils his strings.

And they think and sound a little different. There's no jet black emo fringe. No shoe gazing, choreographed dance routines or alt dot genre branding. They're not trying to be part of a scene - but they're likely going to cause one.

the instamatics are a three piece digital rock explosion from Adelaide, South Australia. Phat digital beats, huge guitars, thumping disco bass lines and melodic vocals, this is rock that you can dance to.

the instamatics debut recording "Dirty Machines" was produced by Brett Sody at SodyPop studios in late 2008.

3 guys. 2 guitars. 1 mac. No limits.

Now available for explosive live performance and general rock posturing opportunities.

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