Ringo is drummer electric for the instamatics.

Born a microchip on September 14 in the year of the upgrade, Ringo is an absolute unit.

He grew up with a strict electronic orthodox upbringing on the outskirts of Osaka, Japan, where early on he learnt the value of backing up his data.

A massive electrical storm fried his circuits in 2001 and Ringo lost his memory. Much to his parent's dismay he briefly fell under the impression that he was a pocket calculator. Talk about burnt circuits. After some extensive reprogramming, chip searching and a re-birth he was back on track and realised that his motherboard was right all along - unless you want to visit the big microchip in the sky, you gotta back up.

Not long after that, Ringo's parents sent him to learn with Roland where he scored an apprenticeship as an MC909 groovebox synthesiser. There he was schooled in the arts of parallel communication, digital manipulation, cyber speak, disco and electronica, and became fluent in multiple languages including Sysex, Midi and Windows.

In 2004 he caught a slow boat to China that somehow ended up in Australia. After thumbing his way down the east coast of Australia, Ringo settled in Melbourne where he later met Max on the shelves of a music store.

Now a Japanese Australian living in Adelaide in a box on a shelf in a house with Max, Ringo is an integral member of the instamatics.

He never skips a beat. He doesn't talk back. He takes seconds to setup. And he has no problem in controlling the volume. Ringo is the ticket.

When not thumping out beats for the instamatics, he enjoys tripping the light fantastic, hitchhiking on the digital super highway, admiring the sleek lines and bright neon lights of slimline electronic items, and, as with Joshua, long walks on the beach (but only if he's carried and never when its windy as he doesn't like sand between his keys).

Ringo dislikes malfunctions, being fed data and people who get in his interface.

His all time favourite downloads include: "2 circuit boards and a lead: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" by Mike D Vice, "If you're a lappy and you know it, clap your broadband" by Sola Powers and "Up up and away: why choosing not to upgrade is slowing you down" by Jerry Atric.

And these days he's double the fun as there are now two Ringo's in the instamatics with the same big beat philosophy - Ringo the MC909 and Ringo the Mac.

Ringo meet Ringo. This is getting weird.

a.k.a midi vanilli

Worried by the state of the world? Need some life advice? Looking for some direction and no-one else to turn to? Ask Ringo and he'll set you straighter than a breast implant in Silicone Valley.

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